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Katrina Clay 
founder of “The Healing Springs Journal” 
Speaker, Writer, Workshop Facilitator 

Katrina is a self-professed perpetual student of the world. She is a lover of animals, nature and music—seeing all as guides for living an authentic, symbolic life. Katrina founded the regional wellness publication 'The Healing Springs Journal' in 2002. It is now Upstate New York's original resource for healing. Through her roles as publisher and director of SIPN (Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network) she has a wide range of knowledge of healing modalities and a vast network of expert colleagues. She received her Shapeshifter Practitioner certification in 2004 by John Perkins and has taught a variety of workshops of her own creation that stem from John's modern shamanic work. These workshops use her drum as a conduit to reach deep within. Also utilizing the help of nature, silence and animals, participants touch their ancient essence, learning how to integrate it into daily physical life. Most days Katrina can be found walking in the woods with her dog Z, hanging out with her horse Tom, writing to reflect on her inner experience, photographing the world in all its glory or dancing wildly to music. 


In 2009 Katrina traveled to Zimbabwe to spend most of a month volunteering at a Lion rehabilitation project. While there, she was able to walk with lions and get to know them personally as well as their plight in population. She now speaks to groups about how to help the dying population of lions. With this talk goes a slideshow of the fabulous lions she got to work with up close and personal. 

Nature as Teacher and Healer 
This talk will give reasons to spend time with nature and how it enhances human life. Going out during a work day helps promote a positive work environment and  better workers. Nature has the ability to teach humans, the earth who, as our elder, has much wisdom and healing to share.

Embracing Wholeness 
Today’s manmade world has splintered humans from their wholeness. In this talk, we will examine the importance of embracing all facets of self and life.

connecting people to wholeness by touching their ancient wildness with modern shamanic journeys 

Calling Council 
In this workshop with the help of the drum, you will call council with your mind, body, spirit and guides—opening up communication within yourself to create wholeness through alignment. 

Reclaiming Our Ancient Selves 
Before there was language, humans interacted with the world quite differently. In this workshop we will open up to our wild self through the rhythm of the drum and modern shamanic journeys to facilitate a new and ancient way of being in the world, We will discuss the importance of and ways to partner with the earth who, as our elder, has much wisdom and healing to share.  

Personal Totem Pole 
Using contemporary shamanic journeys to find guidance capable of offering information about existing questions and will show you new possibilities for living a more fulfilling life. 


"Authentic....charming...truthful ...and...correct." 
Nini Gridley 

"Intuitive, kind, compassionate, insightful." 
Chris Ermides 

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